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    I'm Lisa, owner and designer here at Bloomsberry Floral. While my background is in graphic design, I fell in love with floral design and have been creating floral arrangements for weddings and events for well over a decade. It has been a great accomplishment to see my work published in Oregon Bride, Portland Bride and Groom, Style Me Pretty, Elizabeth Ann Designs and others. Still today, the thing I enjoy the most is seeing the smiles that flowers bring to people.

    I hope you will stay a while and enjoy the site. Have a look at my current and past blog posts, feel free to browse my portfolio for inspiration, or leave a comment; I would enjoy hearing from you.


This couple (and their families) were one of the sweetest couples to work with and to create for.  Julia and Eli got married in April at the Hotel Vintage Plaza with a beautiful color scheme of pale pinks, peaches, whites with , of course, a vintage vibe. Although the couple now resides in New York, they came home to Portland to celebrate the day with their family and friends.



Beautiful photos by: Kyle Carnes Photography. Congratulations to Julia and Eli and Thank you for letting us create a beautiful day for you!


Julia McCarrel - August 13, 2014 - 8:10 pm

The most beautiful wedding ever The wedding couple, the flowers, the venue were all BEAUTIFUL


Yesterday was the Rocked Bridal show put on by Portland Bride and Groom Magazine. It was a great show and a good turnout, which was super considering there were 2 other bridal shows going on as well.  There were a lot of florist this year. Last year I was in the ballroom, so all the floral decor in the ballroom was done by me. I decided that this year I just wanted to do a table(no booths at this show), less stress and a variable of other reasons is why. Here is where bridal show 101 starts to come into play.  #1.) how do you show who you are and what your about with one 6 foot table? Hard right? Yes it is, but I had a plan and I was going to stick to it. I went for a anthropology-ish vintage vibe. I wanted to keep it simple, but with a touch of rustic fun. Here is how my table ended up.


When I was done setting up my table, I walked around to see what other florist had done with their displays. As I walked around, I thought, yikes, maybe I should have done more? Really gone big. I was second guessing myself based on the other floral displays which were done up big.  I felt lost in the sea of big floral. Bridal show 101 continues.  #2.) Second guessing yourself is ok, everybody does it at some point, if they say they don’t, their lying, not only to you, but to themselves. Even though I was second guessing myself,  I was proud of the work I was displaying and that is the most important thing!


As the show started and progressed I had many, many compliments on my flowers and table display: things like: “Love all the textures”, “Beautiful colors”, “Nice to see a variety”.  Bridal show 101 #3.) I realized “again” that every bride at this show will find the right floral fit for them. Some may not like my style, some may. Fears set aside, I actually enjoyed the rest of the show.

Bridal show 101 #4.) On my way to the show I stopped at the store to pick up water and a snack. I also bought a little notepad, just incase I wanted to jot down things as the show progressed. I really found this to be a good thing. I really used it. I noted things that brides said for future reference, some related to my table and some not, but still felt that there was some kind purpose in writing it down. As I went back thought the note pad later that evening, I saw this…


Yes, I know, I know,  I spelled doubt wrong.  I obviously wrote it down in haste and I might have been thinking about doughnuts, but I honestly don’t even know when I  wrote this down.  But I do know this…What I learned “again” this year is the same stuff I already knew, but maybe, for some reason, this year maybe I finally learned to let all the fear and self doubt go.

 “Fear is nothing more then an obstacle that stands in the way of progress. In overcoming our fears we can move forward, stronger, wiser within ourselves.” – Author Unknown




As promised last week, I’m showing you the new studio being built in action. It was exciting to see it finally come together. The Better Built Barns crew was fast working, but then I would be too if I was working in temps in the teens.  It was super cold the week they came and I felt really bad watching them work in such cold weather. But they claim they are used to it and kept on working. It only took them 1 day to build the structure.

photo 2
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
photo 7
Photo 8
So there it is! She’s small, but she mine and there is going to be nothing better then stepping out my door to go to work. Now comes the hard part- the finishing work, which I will show you next week! But, as always, I have to share at least one pretty flower photo from last summers weddings, so here it is.

Thank you Aaron Stadt Studio for the beautiful pic. Enjoy your week!



I am sad to say that it really has been almost a year since my last post. As the title said, it’s been a long tough year for my family. I’m ready to leave 2013 behind (actually I was ready last march for 2013 to be over) and gear up for a new 2014 and all that it has to offer, for the good.

One good thing 2014 has to offer me is my new studio! This project has been a long time coming and is finally getting DONE!! It is in the final stages of being finished and will be up and running in a couple of weeks, but I wanted to share this process with everybody and how it all came together.


This used to be our sumer pool area. I knew one day it would be where I built the studio, but until that time came, it was a play area when our daughter was little and then became the the family pool area. My daughter is seriously bummed, as are the neighbor kids that the pool area is gone. Because it used to be a play area it has a lot of cedar chips and I really mean a lot. So this lucky gal headed out with her shovel to get to work on moving it.




Now that all the cedar chips have been moved, it’s time to get the ground level and that means gravel. I pretty much decided that I, nor my husband, were up for the task of  shoveling gravel, so we hired a landscaping company to do this and it was 100% worth every penny.


We looked at so many building options and decided not to build from scratch to save time. So we went with a local family owned company called Better Built Barns to build the main structure. I will post photos of them building the main structure next week, but can’t end this post with dirt and gravel, so here is floral pic from one of my weddings this last summer. No one can resist a beautiful bouquet.


Thank you to Aj’s Studio for the beautiful photo. Enjoy your week!